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Private equity is a long game, but not all LPs want to wait 10+ years to exit a fund. They want liquidity on their timetable.

At the same time, today’s market conditions have created a challenging exit environment, leading to extensions in fund lifetimes.


Tangible empowers you to create an internal secondary market for both closed-ended and open-ended funds, giving your investors the liquidity they seek — on your terms. With built-in liquidity solutions, you’ll enhance your fundraising success.

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How Tangible helps GPs

Tap into guaranteed liquidity
When your LPs need liquidity, Tangible steps in as a buyer. We provide a tender offer through our proprietary investment vehicle, backed by leading secondary funds.
Create an internal secondary market
On an ad-hoc, quarterly or annual basis, Tangible opens a liquidity window when LPs can trade positions.
Get pricing guidance
As an active secondary player, Tangible leverages thousands of data points to give you pricing guidance on LP stakes across buyout, private credit, real estate and infrastructure across Europe, the US and emerging markets. Our quarterly secondary pricing analytics empower you to decide the best time to offer liquidity.
Improve fundraising outcomes with  built-in liquidity
It’s a challenging fundraising environment, but our data shows that you can improve fundraising by 30% if you offer liquidity options to LPs. We work with you to make your fund more attractive
to LPs.
Why Tangible

Access to a massive liquidity pool

Tangible serves as a buying partner for leading secondary funds and family offices seeking exposure to small and medium PE stakes.

The control you need

Your liquidity windows and your pre-approved

Happier investors

LPs who can access full or partial liquidity are more likely to be satisfied, repeat investors.

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