Our mission: provide on-demand liquidity for individual investors in private markets.

Private equity consistently outperforms public markets in absolute returns. However, a lack of liquidity deters many individual investors from allocating more capital to private markets. Investors typically must wait several years for positive cashflow, and a decade or more to fully exit a fund. If they want to sell a position for any reason, they may find it hard to find a buyer and get a fair price. 

That's where Tangible comes in. Our liquidity solutions enable LPs to exit funds early and empower wealth managers and asset managers to offer flexibility to their investors.

Tangible aims to become the dominant market maker catering to the entire private equity distribution ecosystem. We leverage extensive data sources to narrow bid-ask spreads, facilitate price discovery and bring transparency to private markets.

Tangible's team combines deep private markets and regulatory experience with engineering excellence.



Khalil’s background in private equity helped him see the need for liquidity in private markets. He previously served as a partner at Excelsa, a real estate private equity firm with $1 billion of assets under management, where he led group-level business development and investor relations. His investment experience includes buyouts, real estate and industrials.

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Nathan understands the needs of private investors, drawing from his 15+ years working in the sector. Before joining Tangible, he was a founding partner and operator of Sinaxia, a permanent capital private equity firm. Nathan has invested on behalf of state-owned enterprises, family offices and corporations. He has extensive experience in deal origination, building businesses, cross-border dealmaking and fundraising.

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Our tech whiz, Sara leads the development of the Tangible platform. She brings extensive experience building products from idea to reality from her previous roles as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and chief technology product officer (CTPO) at various startup firms. Sara was the group CTPO of Talenthouse, a platform with 3.2 million users that IPO-ed in 2022, and the CTO of fintech company VAI Trade. She’s also an angel investor, supporting tech founders through Expedite Ventures.

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Please note that investing in private equity secondaries, whether through Tangible or any other investment vehicle, involves risks, including the risk of loss of capital. This communication is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security or other financial instrument. Tangible does not provide investment advice and is not a registered investment adviser. Any investment decision you make should be based on your own analysis and assessment of the risks involved. Please consult with your financial or legal advisor before investing in private equity secondaries.

The funds and asset managers listed here are simply those we have identified as potentially interesting or relevant to our business activities. Tangible Private Markets is an independent company and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or in any way connected with the funds or asset managers listed on this website. We do not own, manage, or represent these funds.